08 “Yen Bills” Elastic Band Bifold Key Wallet
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08 “Yen Bills” Elastic Band Bifold Key Wallet

Maison Margiela


Maison Martin Margiela 2008 “Yen Bills” Elastic Band Bifold Key Wallet. Released alongside with the now popular Margiela “Dollar Bills” Bifold Wallet is this lesser known Margiela “Yen Bills” Keychain Wallet. Featured in the Margiela by Margiela Rizzoli book, the man himself dedicated an entire page for both wallets. Coveted by collectors, this piece and its counterpart contain small thoroughly thought out details.

A handful of laminated 10,000 yen bills are stacked casually on top of each other to resemble a crude stack of bills. On the bill print itself, alongside where the serial number sought to be, is the consecutive numbers design that indicate the collection the wallet belongs to with “11” being circled. Meiji era philosopher/writer Yukichi Fukuzawa’s face is completely blanked out along with his name. The denomination is edited to “00000” from “10000”.  The holographic sticker is also edited to “00000” from “10000”. These small details precisely convey Margiela’s design agenda; More specifically the deconstruction, absence of identity, norm romanticization and the continued study of a subject’s unadulterated elements by dusting away excess down to its raw core. Inside the wallet consists a Margiela’s stamp and a handful of keychain holders. Held together with elastic band.

7.5/10 condition.

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Weight 15 oz